Residential Solar

Many households in India have recognized solar power as a reliable and economically viable source of power and have installed solar rooftop systems. The biggest incentive for installing a rooftop solar plant is the economic aspect.

Commercial Solar

Electricity costs constitute a significant share in overall operating costs for a commercial establishment. It is an undeniable fact that most modern offices have a large number of computers & other electronic devices, centralized...

Agricultural Solar

When you think of solar, you might envision an expensive system with lots of complicated technology, paperwork and installation. Agriculture Solar has revolutionized the way energy is delivered to pumps by giving you...


It's Safe Compared To Electricity



Usha Solar is a specialist in understanding customer needs and providing made-to-measure solar...

Industry Know-How

We pride ourselves in possessing the knowledge and skills within the industry that help us understand...


We hold integrity, sincerity and transparency as our guiding principles. We believe in being honest...


Solar Technology has proven to be the most productive energy elective but at the same time is an incredibly beneficial and dependable investment. Usha Power Solar can design a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project as needed by you. As an operator of solar power plants in India, we have been able to develop and improve on our operational expertise with each successive project to enhance output per watt. A combination of quality of work and team of experts enables us to execute large and small-scale utility solar power projects in India.

Usha Shriram Solar possesses extensive experience and expertise in setting up large and small utility-scale land based solar power plants for different government organizations, power utilities, large business corporates and industrial establishments. Moreover, our team strives to customize the solar plants to suit local conditions to ensure a long-life. Our goal is to mix our solar systems into the structure's design, to make it practically seamless.

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