The ROI of a Solar Power Plant, once installed, is an onus on both the EPC Co. part and the owner! We are sharing necessary measures to be taken by the installer or cautions to be observed by the customer, for Improving The Solar R.O.I

• Avoid soiling loss by regular solar panel cleaning.

Soiling loss is considered as the production loss due to the Sunlight blockage caused by accumulation of dust and grime on solar panels over a period. Soiling losses capture the amount of sunlight that is blocked by dirt and debris that accumulate on solar panels over time.

Method Of cleaning, is simply washing the PV Modules, if not fitted with a cleaning mechanism already. (Avoid Water cleansing when panels are hot, preferably, early morning is the best time!)

• Do not walk on PV module. It produces microcracks, which reduces the life of modules.

Solar Plants should be installed with designated walking spaces needed may be for cleaning or preventive maintenance.

• Use "Right" gauge of wire, to avoid the resistive loss.

• As per M.N.R.E guidelines, for safety, install L.A (Lightning Arrestor) and earthing of Solar PV Modules, Invertor and other B.O.S. Hence, safeguarding the ROI too.
• Do regular monitoring using GSM, Wi-Fi supported remote monitoring system.

If the generation is seen to be reduced, please contact your EPC company for investigating and rectifying.

• It should be mandatory to do shadow analysis.

Solar plant should be devoid of any size of shadow, during preferable performing Hrs. Remember…. In winters shadows are longer, so, role of shadow analysis comes into picture which assures performance round the year.

• Guard your rooftop solar plant against strong winds with latest installation technique.

The ROI is only if the Solar Plant hold its ground!! Lately, winds in the Indian subcontinent have been observed to gain pace. So, the PV structure needed to be designed to adhere strong winds. Various new tech options are in the market for different rooftop types, which should be incorporated by EPCs.

• Improve battery life by regular preventive maintenance.

It’s the easiest way of making your batteries last longer in off-grid/Hybrid solar plant.