As it is said, “Penny Saved is Penny Earned”! Every Sector/Segment of Society demand its rooftop to be converted into SOLAR, be it Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, or Industrial.


  • They offer cost savings. The biggest advantage of installing rooftop solar panels is that they offer cost savings
  • It is a secure investment.
  • It increases access to affordable energy.
  • Support from the government by various policies.
  • Sustainable source of energy.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Tax Benefits
  • Added Property Value
Estimated Analysis for Benefit of Installing a 10 KWp Solar Power Plant

Segment wise Add-On Benefits

Residential Solar Rooftop Power Plant:

• Increased Property Value

A Solar Rooftop, definitely increases a property’s commercial value.

• Reduced Carbon Footprint

Every KW of Solar Power Plant is equivalent to planting approx. 35 trees, as it reduces the dependability on Fossil Fuel Energy which thus directly reduces the Carbon Footprint implying less Carbon Emission.

• High Reliability and Low Maintenance

The Solar Power Plants are reliable as directly powered directly by the Sun. Once Installed according to the “Solar Ethics”, “The PV Standards”, it requires very Less Maintenance. Other than Occasional Cleaning, we mostly remains maintenance free.

• Commercial Stability against rising Utility Rates

Making a Household Economic Strong, is One of the Key Benefits for a Residential PV Plant. Keeping the Household devoid of the Utility price can be considered as major added advantage!

Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Power Plant

• Reduction of OPAX - operating costs

A solar power system can reduce or eliminate your business’s electric bill.

• Commercial Stability against rising Utility Rates

As demand for energy rises and non-renewable resource pools shrink, the cost of energy goes up. And events beyond your control can cause sudden short-term spikes in energy prices, putting unnecessary stress on your business.

Installing your own solar power can reduce or eliminate your exposure to rising electricity rates. The portion of your energy usage that is generated by your solar system is no longer subject to short- or long-term increases in electricity rates. In fact, the more prices rise, the greater your savings will be.

• Green Business Status

Generating electricity from solar energy means your company uses less fossil fuel, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to solar power your company does its part to fight climate change and to reduce our country’s dependence of foreign energy sources. But the benefits go further – A Green Business Model add on to the marketing value of the Company’s product too. International Research shows that a growing number of consumers make their buying decisions based on companies' environmental responsibility.

Agricultural Solar PV Power Plant:

• Diesel Consumption Drastically Reduced

Back in the days before solar, All Agricultural Sector was Highly dependent upon the Diesel-Engine powered Water Pumping Sets which caused high carbon emission into the environment. This situation has drastically reduced due to support of the Indian Govt and State Govt likewise, in promoting Solar Water Pumping Sets for Indian Agricultural Sector.

• Commercial Stability against water uncertainty & Utility Rates

Agriculture will always be the foundation of Modern India, continues to touch Million’s livelihood and the Cash Flow of the country. Solar helps in providing this sector with a trouble free energy needed to better Yield!

Average Monthly Savings 3KW Solar Plant

Suppose as follows:

Average yearly bill =40,000RS.
Average monthly bill = 3350rs(app).
Average yearly unit consumption =5040units.

As per our monthly bill calculated above, Our experties installed 3KW solar power plant.

Then this :

Average monthly units generated =360units (app).
Average yearly units generated =4320units (app).

  • AS we can see units, generated through solar power plant are more than our yearly consumption of units.
  • The rest of the units are directly credited to customer PSPCL account, which he can use directly within 1 year.