Power that makes a difference.

Unlike other lithium products that are designed for a wide range of generic applications such as Electric Vehicle or Solar applications.

The Lithium Battery designed to specifically support the high voltage UPS application. (High Power, short to medium back-up time).

With the high power density user conditions in mind, all other key components such as Terminals, Copper bus-bars, Heat management systems etc. have been specifically engineered to support the heavy discharge current environment.

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Reduce footprint

A smaller footprint without compromise on delivery. The compact setup of a lithium solution not only means you can pack more power into a smaller floor space but also translates into lower cooling, and other peripheral maintenance costs.

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Increase lifespan

A lithium infrastructure will outlast a Lead-acid by 2-3x helping users to minimise the need to engage in painful replacement operations that might involve risk of shut downs, manpower, logistics and construction issues.

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Faster turnaround

The ELS products support mission critical applications that require high power discharge and faster recharge. This means that your system will always be ready. Faster.

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