When you think of solar, you might envision an expensive system with lots of complicated technology, paperwork and installation. Agriculture Solar has revolutionized the way energy is delivered to pumps by giving you a cleaner, more affordable alternative to your monthly fuel bill. Savings grow over time as fuel rates continue to increase.

Solar energy can supply and or supplement many farm energy requirements. Solar energy possesses a huge potential for solar irrigation and can be used to pump water for livestock and crops. The microgeneration of electricity using solar panels for farms has been much promoted recently. No doubt you’ve seen at least one such solar installation on a farm building or on agricultural land near you. Interest in investing in solar technology has risen sharply because of the very real financial returns that can be achieved, by generating and using your own electricity and reducing your bills.

Latest utilization of PV in agriculture is Standalone systems for running Atta Chakki and Oil Expellers even in Remote locations.

Use of Solar Energy have resulted in Drastically reduced dependency on Fossil Fuels for running Water Pumping Engines and Motors in various applications.


  • ● Reduced electricity costs
  • ● Reduced Fossil Fuel dependancy
  • ● Increased ability to grow high-value crops for new markets
  • ● Allow for nutrient and land recharge of degraded lands