Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in India

Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in India

Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in India

  • 19 July, 2022
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Solar power is one of the cleanest ways to get energy, and there is a lot of it all over the world. Most of the energy on the grid is used by businesses and public buildings. This benefit of solar street lights has a more significant effect on the economy and environment today than any other. The Solar street lighting system is the best way to improve the world.

Usha Shriram is well-known in India as a company that makes Solar LED Street Lights. The company sells a wide range of solar LED street lights at a price that most people can afford. Solar LED street lights are made possible by new technology that uses photovoltaic panels to power the lights.

Pollution is a significant issue in the current world and is a by product of making energy. Most of the time, fossil fuels and other non renewable resources, like coal, are used to make electricity. The world is trying to improve by switching to energy from the sun, wind, and other natural sources.

So, solar energy is one of the best ways to replace resources that don't keep coming back. With the solar LED street light system, the problem of using a lot of electricity is no longer a problem.

In India, solar LED street lights have turned out to be a great alternative. It makes the power grid less powerful. It doesn't depend on the utility grid and cuts down on the enormous costs of running it. Aside from that, the Solar LED street light technology in India needs much less maintenance than traditional street lights.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

Solar-powered LED street lamps

These solar-powered LED street lights give off a lot of light and are easy to set up because you don't have to dig holes, lay down cables, set up transformer distribution points, etc.

We make a wide range of solar street lights with LED power. Due to their small size and built-in features, solar LED street lights are becoming very popular in India to light up the streets. Fancy ones are replacing the big, old-fashioned street lights with new features like motion sensors and different ways to shine the light. The Integrated & All In One Solar LED Street Light makes its electricity and uses the least amount of electricity technology. So, it is perfect for places that are hard to get to. It can be used on roads, streets, railway gates, parks, boundary walls, hotels, hospitals, and other places. Installation is easy; all you have to do is tighten four bolts on a pole. It can also be put on a wall. There is no requirement to drill trenches or connect to the power grid.

Name of the Brand

Usha Shriram is one of INDIA's best High-Quality Solar Street Light Manufacturers. Our Solar Street Lights have won us a lot of praise on the market. We ensure that these Street Lights have the newest features and work better than others.

Looks Pretty

Customers often tell us that the casing and whole body look nice. Solar street lights won't make a difference until they have a fantastic, futuristic look that people like.

Automatically run from dusk to dawn

With solar street lights, you don't have to worry about changing the time when the weather changes. The solar light on the street will turn on and off by itself. During the day, these smart street lights will also turn on when the amount of light drops below a certain level.

No more tangled cables

Regular street lights have to be wired all the way around. There are no wires in the way of these solar street lights. Compared to a standard solar street light, these are made so that the whole body, including the battery, is small and hidden, making for a more elegant product.

Simple Installation

Solar street lights from Usha Shriram are straightforward to set up. On a pole, you only need to tighten four bolts. It can also be put on a wall. There is no necessity to dig trenches or connect to the power grid. We provide detailed instructions for installation and technical help.

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Q: What are solar street lights?

Solar street lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in a battery and used to power the light during the night.

Q: Why should I choose solar street lights over traditional street lights?

Choosing solar street lights over traditional street lights offers several benefits, including reduced energy costs, lower carbon emissions, and increased reliability in remote areas where grid connections are unreliable.

Q: What are the top solar street light manufacturers in India?

The top solar street light manufacturers in India include Usha Solar India, Tata Power Solar, Philips, Havells, and Su-kam.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a solar street light manufacturer in India?

When choosing a solar street light manufacturer in India, factors to consider include product quality, reliability, warranty, after-sales service, and installation support.

Q: What are the components of a solar street light?

The key components of a solar street light include a solar panel, battery, LED light, charge controller, and pole.

Q: How do solar street lights work?

Solar street lights work by capturing energy from the sun through a solar panel, storing it in a battery, and using that energy to power an LED light at night.

Q: What is the maintenance required for solar streetlights?

Maintenance for solar streetlights typically includes periodic cleaning of the solar panels and battery maintenance, such as checking for corrosion and ensuring proper voltage levels.

Q: What is the cost of solar street lights in India?

The cost of solar street lights in India varies depending on factors such as the manufacturer, product specifications, and installation requirements, but can range from around INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 per unit.