Usha Solar India Brings You, what are the Steps for Cleaning Solar Panels?

What are the Steps for Cleaning Solar Panels?

Usha Solar India Brings You, what are the Steps for Cleaning Solar Panels?

  • 24 February, 2023
  • Admin

Always Remember, Clean Solar Panels are Efficient Solar Panels!

If the panels of your solar power system are covered in dust, dirt, or grime, their output may decrease. This reduces the effectiveness of the sun by blocking it out. It is best to keep your solar panels relatively clean and free of debris in order to reap the full cost savings from solar power.

Your solar system's performance can be affected by dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and leaves. Its effectiveness can be significantly enhanced by regular cleaning.

Natural rainfall typically removes dirt and dust particles, but you may still need to assist it with your garden hose.

Although a clean solar panel is significantly more efficient than one that is filthy or covered in dust, your brand-new solar system requires very little upkeep.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning Solar Panels

  • Shut Down Your Computer Completely: The shutdown procedure outlined in your user manual or the operating manual provided by the manufacturer of your inverter should be followed before cleaning. DC Systems must be completely disabled. The Solar Supply Main Switch should be used to shut off AC systems.
  • Remove or Block any Gutters or Rainwater Collection Systems: Make sure that rainwater tanks are temporarily disconnected or shut off from the gutters where they are connected to your guttering system to prevent dirty water from running into your tank.
  • Select a Mild and Cool Time of Day: A sudden temperature change can increase the likelihood of cracks because the panels' hot glass and cool water combine. Additionally, any water you used could quickly evaporate and leave dirty marks on the panels, undoing all of your hard work if the hot sun is shining on them. Cleaning is most effective in the cool morning hours. It's possible that overnight dew has softened the grime and dirt on the panels, reducing the amount of water and energy required to clean them. If you can't get up early enough, the best times to clean your solar panels are on cloudy days or cool evenings.
  • If at all Possible, Clean Your Panels from the Ground Up: If at all possible, you should clean your panels from the ground for safety reasons. To apply water to your panels, use a hose. To allow the water stream to reach the panels, use a hose with a suitable nozzle.
  • Water Should Only be Directed Toward the Solar Panel Tops: It is acceptable for some water to touch the back of your panels; however, you should not purposefully direct water into the space between your panels and the roof or onto the back of your panels.
  • Use a Gentle Soap and a Soft Cloth to Remove Stubborn Grime: There is no need to spend money on fancy cleaning products: All you need is water and mild soap. With a long extension and a high-quality soft brush and squeegee with a plastic blade on one side and a cloth-covered sponge on the other, you can have the ideal tool that will keep you safe on the ground.
  • If You don't Have the Right Equipment, you Shouldn't Try to Climb your Roof: When you work on your roof with water, the risk goes up. Cleaning a roof with water can make it very slippery. If you are unable to clean your panels from the ground, do not attempt to reach your rooftop unless you have the appropriate safety gear and training. For your safety, hiring a professional cleaner with the appropriate credentials is preferable.

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