Top 5 PV Module Manufacturers in India

Top 5 PV Module Manufacturers in India

Top 5 PV Module Manufacturers in India

  • 07 December, 2022
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The rise in solar energy use is pushing the boundaries of solar technology to create economically viable and environmentally friendly PV Module panels. Harnessing solar power is not only a necessity of the time but also a much-needed enabler of the global energy transition. The growing global popularity of solar power has led to the availability of a wide range of high-quality solar PV products at competitive prices for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications.

Keep reading to learn more about Solar Pv Module Manufacturers in India. You may be interested to know the companies leading in solar PV module manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at the world’s Top 5 Pv Module Manufacturers in India.

Usha Solar India

Usha Solar India comes among the best Pv Module Manufacturers in India. The company has a huge footprint in the selling and installation of solar panels. Their goal is to provide the best PV Module Panel in India to the industrial sector whenever the need arises. An original business visionary started this group. They are extremely competent and have excellent business visionary skills. Usha Solar India’s Solar Pv Modules are weatherproof and has a cutting-edge efficiency of up to 15%. The panels are constructed using high-quality raw materials and adhere to stringent quality controls to capture more sunlight.

Tata Power Solar Systems

It is a leading manufacturer of one of India’s best solar panels. Over the past two decades, the company has shipped approximately 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of solar modules worldwide to residential rooftop systems.

Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is one of the biggest solar energy companies that sell mono and bifacial solar panel modules and serves six continents. Over 1355 MW of solar projects have been installed and commissioned by them across India. In Kolkata city, they have a floating 10 kW solar plant and a manufacturing capacity of over 1 GW for solar panels.

Adani Solar

A subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd. Adani Solar is one of the biggest developer of utility-scale solar power nationwide. In Mundra, Gujarat, they manufacture solar cells and modules with a capacity of more than 1.5 GW. Adani Solar is considered to be one of India’s largest installers of solar panels.

Microtek Solar Solutions

Microtek Solar Solutions sells a wide range of solar products for both residential and business customers. To ensure the best results, Microtek Solar products are manufactured using the most latest solar technologies. Photovoltaic modules, power conditioning units, solar management units, and solar combo packages are some of their major offering.

In the past, Usha Solar India has completed various solar projects in the North Indian market. In Ghaziabad, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, and Gurgaon, we are one of the most famous solar panel dealers . If you’re looking for solar panels, we can help you install a roof solar PV framework on your home or facility. Our solar specialists are skilled in both I&C and EPC services. You can become an independent solar owner of your home and utilize the best solar insight with us.

Usha Solar India tops the list of Best Pv Module Manufacturers, they have experts, streak investors, and employees who have the potential to use the solar power framework to make India green, which is our goal. We laid it out with a single goal and a vision. The goal is to use less electricity and build more facilities to use the sun's final energy.

Usha Solar is the pioneer Solar Pv Module Manufacturers in India, offers Solar Energy Equipment. For more details and business enquiry call us at +91-8448-090244 or write to us at


These PV module manufacturers are considered the top 5 in India due to the superior quality products, services and after-sale services such as warranty and customer support that they provide.

When Usha Solar’s PV modules are compared to the other manufacturers of the same, Usha Solar stands at the top in the solar industry. It is solely because of Usha Solar’s sheer commitment to providing its customers with the best solar energy products

Three types of PV modules are available from these companies:
1. Monocrystalline 2. Polycrystalline 3. Thin-film

4. Are these manufacturers known for producing high-quality and efficient PV modules?

If you want to buy any kind of Solar energy products from Usha Solar, then you can visit their website and get in contact with them through the information provided by them for the same.