Top Solar Panel Companies in India (2023)

Top Solar Panel Companies in India (2023) - Usha Solar India

Top Solar Panel Companies in India (2023)

  • 07 February, 2023
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Solar panel companies in India have seen a huge spike in the past years, so here we have gathered some of the qualities of a reliable solar power company and the list of Best Solar Panel brands in India that will help you decide the best. Solar battery backup systems are charged by a connection to the set-up home’s solar energy system on the rooftop or any area with maximum sunlight. Solar batteries run by storing solar energy produced by solar panels and saving it for later purposes. are popular among the masses because they are reliable in nature.

Qualities of a reliable solar panel company:

  • You need to get hold of the organization that can satisfy solar panel needs, take care of any outstanding concerns and check whether the organization has a decent reputation. Take a quick look at reviews and tributes on the organization's site. Additionally, you can check if there have been any notices in the news for the solar power organizations you find.
  • Go for finalising the company that offers the. Keep in mind that the nature of the products being displayed is similarly just about as significant as the nature of the product that is being delivered. When an organization uses solar panels that incorporate the most recent innovation — it's a decent sign that they care that you get hands down the best and latest products. Many top-class solar panel producers ensure that the most recent innovation is utilized concerning solar energy. Besides offering genuine solar panels, consider checking whether the organization provides roofing and installation of the panels.
  • What distinguishes a decent solar power organization from an incredible one is the individual consideration that the organization gives you. The connection and communication between you and your solar power organization ought to be a concrete one, based on trust and reliability. Go for selecting the solar power organization in India that is known to continually keep correspondence open with their clients and focus on their client's needs and problems. Usha Solar is among the best Solar Panel Companies in India and has a motto centered on guiding principles like trust, dedication and a hard-working attitude.
  • Consider taking a look at the company certification, i.e, and authentication. An ISO-confirmed organization ensures that they have no less than one year of involvement in introducing solar systems, have finished a test and proceed with their schooling in for recertification like clockwork. A solar power organization is supposed to likewise hold general contracting, electrician and home improvement licenses. Holding legitimate certifications for such an enormous home upgrade is essential to guarantee that your solar panels are introduced with the best quality product and workforce that can be given.

The list of Best Solar Panels brands (Manufactures) in India:

Sno Company Name Founder/CEO Founded Official Website
1. Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Subodh Varma 1983
2. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited Jamsetji Tata 1989
3. Vikram Solar Gyanesh Chaudhary 2006
4. Adani Solar Mr Gautam Adani 2015
5. Microtek Solar Solutions SUBODH GUPTA 1986

Usha Solar India

Usha Solar India is a company that has a huge mark in the selling and installation of solar panels in the Indian subcontinent. Their goal is to provide the Best Solar Panel Manufacturing Company in India to the industrial and housing sector whenever the need arises. An original business visionary started this group. They are extremely competent and upgraded with their work and have excellent business visionary skills. Usha Solar India's solar panels are weatherproof in nature and have a cutting-edge efficiency of up to 15%. The panels are constructed using high-quality raw materials and focus on stringent quality controls to capture more sunlight.

Tata Power Solar Systems

It is one of the leading manufacturers of India's best solar panels. Over the past two decades, the company has shipped approximately 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of solar modules worldwide from commercial .

Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is one of the biggest solar energy manufacturers that sell mono and bifacial solar panel modules and serves over six continents. Over 1355 MW of solar projects have been perfectly handled and commissioned by them across India. In Kolkata city, they have a floating 10 kW solar plant and a manufacturing capacity of over 1 GW .

Adani Solar

A subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd. Adani Solar is one of the 15 largest developers of utility-scale solar power worldwide. In Mundra, Gujarat, modules with a capacity of more than 1.5 GW. Adani Solar is one of India's largest installers of solar panels.

Microtek Solar Solutions

Microtek Solar Solutions sells a wide range of solar products deliver the best results, Microtek Solar products are manufactured using the most latest solar technologies. Photovoltaic modules, power conditioning units, solar management units, and solar combo packages are among some of their best offerings.

We hope this helped you in knowing a lot about the best solar panel brands in India and making the right choice if you’re looking for solar panels.


These solar panel companies are considered the top ones in India for their superior quality products and services. They provide their customers with ever-ready customer support and warranty deals.

When it comes to Usha Solar India, it is regarded as the best compared to other manufacturers on the list. Their solar products and services are at great par with other solar companies making them stand tall and at the forefront of the solar industry.

These companies, including Usha Solar India, sell mainly 3 types of Solar panels:
1. Monocrystalline 2. Polycrystalline 3. Thin-film

Yes. The above-listed companies are known for providing reliable and efficient solar panels. They believe it is not only their obligation but their responsibility to provide their customers with high-quality solar products and services.

Yes. These companies including Usha Solar India offer warranty and after-sales services. Their dedication is towards providing their customers the best of quality, and all kinds of services.

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