Top 10 Solar System Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Solar System Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Solar System Manufacturers in India

  • 20 September, 2023
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As India is potentially one of the fastest-developing economies all over the planet, our country's carbon impression keeps on growing due to mass commercialization. As a result, providers of elective energy, like solar energy companies, have stood out for a long time.

List Of Top 10 Solar System Manufacturers in India

Sno Company Name Founder/CEO Founded Official Website
1. Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Subodh Varma 1983
2. Servotech Power Systems Mr. Raman Bhatia 2004
3. Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kuldeep Jain 2011
4. Microtek International Pvt. Ltd Subodh Gupta 1989
5. Insolation Energy Ltd. Manish Gupta 2015
6. Exide Industries Limited Bharat Dhirajlal Shah 1947
7. Webel Energy System (Webel Solar) Sohan Lal Agarwal 1990
8. Mahindra Susten C/o Mahindra EPC Services Pvt. Ltd. Deepak Thakur 2010
9. Jakson Group Bikesh Ogra 1947
10. EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power D V Manjunatha 1992

Usha Solar India

The Usha Shriram Group is a substantial conglomerate that has investments in the engineering, consumer goods, and real estate industries. Usha Solar India is a division of the Usha Shriram Group. Solar water heaters, solar power frameworks, and solar module groups are all dimensions in which Usha Solar India has extensive experience. Usha Solar India, one of the solar system manufacturers in India, is well-known for its distinctive solar chargers and systems. It is one of the most acclaimed solar system manufacturers in India. The association is one of the best manufacturers of solar systems and offers a wide range of solar products, including solar water warmers, solar inverters, and solar lighting structures.

Servotech Power Systems

Indian company Servotech Power Systems manufactures, procures, and distributes a wide range of cutting-edge solar products, medical devices, and energy-efficient lighting solutions from start to finish. The organization was established in 2004 and is settled in New Delhi, India. Servotech Power Systems has major areas of strength for a record of development and has been perceived for its commitment to solar and clinical gadget ventures. It is renowned as the most prominent solar system manufacturing companies in India. The organization is focused on providing excellent items and administrations that assist its clients with setting aside cash and decreasing their ecological effects.

CleanMax Solar

Indian organization CleanMax Solar furnishes industrial and business clients with solar energy arrangements. The company was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. CleanMax Solar, one of India's leading solar providers, has more than 350 MW of solar projects in its portfolio. The business is focused on helping clients lessen their carbon impression and giving them solar energy that is both perfect and reasonable. It is celebrated as the most distinguished solar system manufacturing companies in India.

Microtek Solar Solutions

They offer a wide range of solar products to individuals and businesses. Microtek Solar items are produced with the latest down-the-line solar tech to convey the best results. Their items are Photo Voltaic Modules, Power Molding Units, Solar Administration Units and Solar combo groups.

Insolation Energy

Insolation Energy Pvt. was laid out in October 2015 and step by step extended to advance as one of the best Solar System Manufacturers in India. This association has the most present-day 200 MW Solar PV Module Creation Unit, which has been planned by specialists and advertisers from reputed institutions.

Exide Industries

Exide Industries is a reputable Indian battery organisation. It has been active for over 7 decades. Exide Industries is a major participant in the lithium-ion battery market. The firm has a solid position in the Solar energy industry. It also sells solar products such as solar batteries inverters etc. They are known as one of the most exceptional solar system manufacturers companies. The company is also investing in the development of new lithium-ion battery technology.

Websol Energy System

Wepsol energy system was established in the year 1996. It is located in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Websol Energy System Limited is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacturing of solar cells and modules. They are known as one of the most outstanding solar system manufacturers companies. It is an influential manufacturer of solar cells and modules.

Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten is a renowned solar EPC firm in India. It was founded in the year 2011 and is located in Mumbai. Mahindra Susten is an auxiliary of the Mahindra group, a reputed multinational company based in India.

Jakson Group

The Jackson group was founded in the year 1947 and is located in Mumbai. It is a powerful infrastructure company that provides an amalgamation of products and services, including solar energy solutions. It is one of the most prominent solar system manufacturers in India.

EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power

EMMVEE Photovoltaic Power was established in the year 1983 and is based in Ahmedabad India. It is one of the most reputed and renowned Indian solar companies that designs, manufactures, and sells Solar modules and Systems. It is one of the most famous solar system manufacturer in India.

These esteemed solar system manufacturers line up with the government goals as well as focus on the protection of our environment. They fully comprehend their duty to keep the environment clean and sustainable. In accordance with the public authority's accentuation on environmentally friendly power sources, these solar energy organizations effectively overcome any barrier. With the rising reception of solar energy by people, India is very nearly earning respect as a solar-controlled country.

Usha Solar India is a leading Solar panel provider, focused on EPC and installation of an extensive variety of solar power systems. They have business partners and seller networks all over India for an extensive variety of Solar energy systems including on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar power plants, Solar Streetlights and Solar Water heaters. For Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and various areas of UP, Usha Solar India is a recognised and reputed Solar dealer.

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